Trump ignores black hero who stopped deadly Waffle House shooting


Trump has refused to praise James Shaw Jr., the hero who put his life on the line to protect others at Waffle House, or say anything else about the shooting.

Over 48 hours after the deadly shooting at a Waffle House in Tennessee, Trump has yet to say or tweet anything about the attack or the hero, James Shaw Jr., who is black.

Federal law enforcement was part of the manhunt for the shooter — including the FBI and ATF.

Shaw, a customer at Waffle House during the attack, wrestled the gun from the killer and helped to stop his killing spree.

Four people were killed, and Shaw's actions have been credited for preventing the shooting from being worse. The New York Times reported, "Law enforcement officials and customers said they had Mr. Shaw, a 29-year-old electrician, to thank for preventing greater bloodshed."

The Tennessee legislature plans to introduce a resolution honoring Shaw, while the Waffle House corporate Twitter account said, "We will be showing Mr. Shaw our gratitude." The company's CEO, Walter Ehmer, said to Shaw at a press conference, "I personally want to thank Mr. Shaw. You are my hero. You saved people’s lives."

Trump has been silent. He spoke during a joint appearance with French president Emmanuel Macron, and referenced the attack in Toronto and the recent illness of President George H.W. Bush. But he didn't say anything about the Waffle House shooting or Shaw's heroics.

In the past, Trump has praised those who acted in the middle of a crisis. He said the first responders to the shooting at Stoneman Douglas high school should get a raise.

Speaking about the police response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Trump hailed the response as a "miracle."

The silence on Shaw speaks volumes about who Trump believes should be praised, and the types of instances he feels are worthy of him weighing in on.

He is a racist that is completely in thrall to the NRA, the organization that spent millions to help elect him.

A good guy without a gun stopped a gun-toting madman. And Trump remained silent. But he spoke volumes.