Trump ignores terrified Americans in Hawaii to tweet actual nonsense


Even after criticism, Trump kept right on ignoring the million-plus Americans he had a hand in terrorizing, instead tweeting about cable news and the 2016 election.

After nearly a year of provoking North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump completely abandoned terrified Americans who were falsely warned of an incoming missile.

He then carried on with his lazy weekend of Twitter and golf.

The Trump administration's response to Saturday's terrifying missile warning was already about as poor as it could get. While the false alarm was reportedly the result of an error during a routine shift change, Trump's press shop put out a statement falsely claiming the warning came during a "state exercise" (pool report via email from The White House):

Statement from White House Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters on the Hawaii's false alarm about an inbound missile attack:

"The President has been briefed on the state of Hawaii's emergency management exercise. This was purely a state exercise."

Trump himself was golfing during the emergency, and made no statement of his own.

But even after facing criticism for this response, Trump continued his weekend of trivial Twitter ramblings, finding time to obsess about Hillary Clintonto praise a Fox host for stroking his own massive ego, to slam Democrats over the DACA policy that he himself rescinded, and even found time to tweet about Kim Jong Un.

All without mentioning the nuclear scare that had just occurred.

Trump's own White House put out an audio recording that shows Trump is lying.

And it is appalling that the terrified residents of Hawaii didn't come to mind as Trump was busy rambling about completely insignificant things before he got on to other "important business" (pool report via email from The White House):

The president's motorcade arrived at Trump International Golf Course at 9:26 a.m. Pool is holding at nearby public library.

Trump's presidency has been a study in lowered expectations, and he has once again succeeded in living down to them.