Trump incites violence on July 4th weekend


The video he tweeted portrays him beating up a CNN reporter. It's another stunning sign of his weakness, and nothing short of un-American.

The White House claimed three days ago that Donald Trump has never “promoted or encouraged violence of any kind.”

It was a lie then, and Trump has made a liar out of his defenders again today.

After spending his Saturday defending his use of social media, claiming that it's what makes him "MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL," his Sunday more morning tweet to America — on the holiday weekend that we celebrate our independence and deepest held values — is a direct incitement of violence.

The tweet is a video that portrays himself at a professional wrestling match taking out another person, who is portrayed as CNN.

Republican strategist Ana Navarro tweeted immediately in response, "Trump is going to end up getting a media person killed w/this incitement to violence."

During the presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly called on his protesters to commit acts of violence in his name. As president, he expressed approval of Montana Republican candidate Greg Gianforte who body slammed a reporter. Now he is directly calling on Americans to inflict violence on the press.

As a guest on ABC's This Week, Navarro spoke from her perspective as a CNN contributor, noting that Trump's tactics will not achieve his desired result:

Nobody at CNN is scared. If anything this is making each and everyone of us more resolute. Not to cower at the bullying of this president. This is a free press, this is a free country. This is a democracy.

Trump's weakness is endangering America. But Americans will not be intimidated. We will be resolute, out of love of country and the principles on which it was founded, more so than ever on July 4th weekend.