Donald Trump is among the top 0.2 percent of Clinton Foundation donors


Actions speak louder than words. With all the Republican lies and smears about the Clinton Foundation, Donald Trump is among the top 0.2 percent of its donors. According to Politifact: "Most of its 300,000 donors (85.5 percent) gave less than $250."

From Politifact:

Tax records show the Donald J. Trump Foundation gave $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation in 2009, and spent an additional $10,000 for a table at a Clinton Foundation gala the following year. The Clinton Foundation also lists Donald J. Trump (as well his daughter Ivanka and Ivanka’s father-in-law) as a contributor.

And Trump's campaign manager admits the foundation "does a lot of good work."

So when you hear Trump and the GOP lie maliciously about a charitable foundation that saves lives across the globe, remember where he put his money.