Trump isn't teflon: Republican satisfaction drops 17 percent in one month


More than 75 percent of Americans are concerned about the direction the United States is heading under Republican rule.

With the White House and both chambers of Congress all under Republican control, the latest Gallup polling results show Americans — including Republicans — are growing more concerned about the direction the country is heading.

A precipitous 17 percent drop in Republican satisfaction in just one month contributed to overall satisfaction reaching its lowest point since before the 2016 election.

Only 41 percent of Republicans are happy with the how things are going. These figures are astonishing given the fact the Republican Party has full control of both the legislative and executive branches of government.


And, while Republicans are more dissatisfied than ever since Trump took office, Democrats are even more concerned. A full 90 percent of Democrats are dissatisfied about the direction the United States is taking. Combining results from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, more than 75 percent of Americans are worried about the path forward under GOP leadership.

The poll was conducted between June 7-11, suggesting the Senate testimony of former FBI Director James Comey on June 8 may have have an impact. Comey testified under oath that the White House had lied about its initial public explanation for firing Comey. He also warned that Russia is "coming after America," and that Trump showed no interest in the intelligence on Russia's election meddling. After Comey's testimony, even Fox News admitted his appearance had been "very damaging."

In addition to concerns about Russia, Americans also continue to be deeply concerned about Republican efforts to strip health care coverage from millions of people in order to give massive tax cuts to the wealthy.

As Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) said, the Republican plan would "gut the social safety net," which is why GOP senators have gone so far as to keep their version of health care repeal secret — even from many of their own party.

In addition to more than three-quarters of Americans being concerned about the direction the nation is heading, evidence is mounting that Trump personally has a "reverse Midas touch" and association with him is now toxic. Trump's disapproval rating has skyrocketed to 60 percent, and millions of Americans, including members of the far-right tea party, are calling for Trump's impeachment.

Republican leaders have so far demonstrated no willingness to confront the reality that their president and policies are vastly unpopular. But Republican voters are not happy with where the GOP is taking the country — and the numbers prove it.