Trump: It's Democrats' fault my administration is abusing kids


Children are suffering because of Trump, and he wants to blame everybody else, as usual.

Trump blamed Democrats for the abuse of migrant children that has happened during his presidency.

Speaking from the Oval Office on Tuesday, Trump tried to avoid responsibility for the tragic results of his administration's draconian immigration policies.

"It's all about humanity, it's about helping children," Trump said. "What's happened is just so sad, because of the Democrats approved the loopholes — where they knock out the loopholes — and we changed asylum, the whole border would be fixed."

The crush of migrant children separated from their families was caused by Trump's decision to prosecute border crossers, triggering child separation.

Democrats have opposed legislative proposals from Trump and his fellow Republicans that would waste millions of taxpayer dollars on a useless border wall.

"Just remember, we are treating them and doing a much better job than the Obama administration," Trump claimed.

The children are not being treated well in Trump's detention centers.

"The conditions within which they are held could be compared to torture facilities," physician Dolly Lucio Sevier said after visiting one of the facilities.

Lucio Sevier saw children sleeping on cold concrete floors under bright lights shining all day long, living in unsanitary conditions. Mothers have said they haven't been able to wash bottles for their infant children.

There are other reports of border patrol agents taking medicine away from children, as well as stories of children who had to sleep on dirt and rocks.

One Trump appointee considered housing migrant children on top of a toxic waste dump.

At least six children have died in federal custody despite Trump's disconnected happy talk and praise of the economy.

Abuse of children and migrant families is Trump administration official policy. His attempts to blame Democrats or the previous administration is an obvious ploy to avoid responsibility.

But the blame for what has happened rests squarely with Trump.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.