Trump seeks to jail babies for longer after purging Homeland Security


With obstacles at the Department of Homeland Security gone, Trump wants to implement draconian immigration policies, such as jailing immigrant children for longer.

Now that he's purged the Department of Homeland Security of staffers who sought to rein in his worst impulses and unofficially tasked anti-immigrant extremist Stephen Miller with his administration's immigration policy, Trump is seeking to implement cruel new policies aimed at Central American migrants fleeing violence in their home countries.

Axios reported that Trump wants to make four big changes to immigration policy — the worst of which is a plan to jail immigrant children for longer.

Currently, the Flores agreement bans the government from jailing immigrant kids for more than 20 days. Previous administrations rarely, if ever, jailed immigrant kids. But Trump's racist zero tolerance policy has led to kids being jailed in larger numbers — some of whom have died in U.S. custody.

And despite the backlash against the jailing of kids, Trump wants to hold them for even longer, reportedly drafting regulations to make that a reality, according to Axios.

Other awful changes include:

  • Making it harder for asylum seekers to obtain work permits once they come to the U.S. This cruel move would make it difficult for asylum seekers to wait out their hearings, as they would have no good way of earning a living;
  • Trump also wants to increase the standards needed to be granted asylum, telling DHS to, "apply greater rigor and scrutiny to these [asylum] claims rather than credulously accepting what's said," Axios reported;
  • And lastly, Trump wants to prioritize high-skilled immigrants over low-skilled immigrants — a policy even Senate Republicans rejected in an immigration reform push a little over a year ago.

Of course, there are many obstacles blocking Trump from unilaterally changing the laws.

They include courts, which have ruled against Trump's disgusting child separation policy, as well as his attempts to unilaterally change asylum laws.

Yet Trump has no regard for the law, and has proven that he's willing to ignore the laws of the land in order to implement his racist agenda. In fact, he even ordered government officials to break the law — but the government officials refused.

Get ready for a wild new chapter in Trump's attempt to block brown people from entering the country.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.