Trump-appointed judge makes Trump give CNN reporter his press pass back


A judge appointed by Trump ruled against him and temporarily reinstated the White House press pass of CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

A federal judge has ruled against the Trump administration and in favor of CNN after the White House banned reporter Jim Acosta.

Judge Timothy J. Kelly granted CNN's request for a preliminary injunction that would restore Acosta's White House press pass on a temporary basis.

Not only was the first round of the case a loss for Trump — but embarrassingly for him, the decision was made by a judge Trump appointed to the bench.

The Trump administration made up a false claim that Acosta physically assaulted a White House aide as part of its ongoing crusade against the free press.

Acosta has been a target of the Trump administration's ire for his aggressive questioning.

CNN and other media outlets who have accurately reported on the Trump administration have regularly been smeared as "fake news" by Trump and his underlings.

Like other authoritarians, Trump dislikes the free press. But the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment are bigger than Trump.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.