Obama created 272,000 more jobs than Trump in the same amount of time


July's jobs report, like Trump's entire term in office so far, was a disappointment.

Trump has been taking coasting on President Barack Obama's economy, but after 18 months and a disappointing July jobs report, Trump still doesn't measure up to his predecessor.

On Friday morning, that latest jobs report showed that 157,000 jobs were created last month, well short of the 190,000 jobs that had been expected. But that didn't stop the official White House Twitter account from trying to take credit for Obama's record of job creation.

They tweeted that there have been "3.9 million jobs added since President Trump was elected," but half a million of those were added during Obama's presidency. The graphic that accompanied the tweet showed the current 94-month streak of job growth, 76 months of which occurred during the Obama presidency.

And as several people pointed out on Twitter, Trump's record of job creation falls well short of Obama's.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, Trump created 3,432,000 jobs during the first full 18 months of his presidency, February 2017 through July 2018. During the last 18 months of his presidency, President Obama created 3,704,000 jobs.

And just last week, Trump and his minions were trying to brag about a single quarter of 4 percent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, a mark which Obama eclipsed four times during his presidency.

But Trump's poor stewardship of Obama's economy could be about to get much worse. That second-quarter GDP figure was inflated by a temporary increase in U.S. soybean exports, which were an attempt to blunt the impact of Trump’s trade war.

As other countries continue to retaliate against Trump's tariffs, millions of jobs are being put at risk, in addition to the economic growth that was chugging along when Obama handed the keys to Trump.

Unfortunately for Trump and the GOP, Americans are not fooled by Trump's lies about the economy, and largely credit Obama for the prosperity he left for Trump. That leaves only racism and failure to run on in November.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.