Trump casually jokes about his chaotic destruction of the US government


Trump is making jokes about the slow-motion disaster his presidency has triggered in America, treating his calamitous staff shake-ups like the storyline of one of his TV shows.

Trump believes the chaos caused by his mismanagement of the presidency is a colossal punchline. All the suffering he's caused, the increased sense of danger in the world, and the loss of American standing with other countries is the stuff of jokes to him, and apparently nothing to be concerned about.

The Associated Press reports that Trump laughed and said "Who's next?" as he watched TV coverage of the seemingly never-ending firings that have become part of how his Oval Office does business.

Trump has recently purged his Secretary of State (via Twitter) and top economic adviser, and other figures such as national security adviser H.R. McMaster are reportedly on their way out.

He is also considering the removal of Cabinet officials Ben Carson (HUD), David Shulkin (Veterans Affairs) and Scott Pruitt (EPA). All three men have been involved in highly embarrassing scandals that echo Trump's own callous disregard for ethics.

The cavalier attitude towards the decay of the U.S. government seems to extend throughout the West Wing. One source close to the White House told CNN, "Everyone loves a season finale."

America isn't a TV show. Simply playing musical chairs with key positions and filling them with people whose only qualifications are they appear on TV and they've sucked up to Trump is a recipe for disaster.

Trump fell into the presidency and was not the choice of most voters. He does not appreciate the historical weight or importance of the position he has, and instead of growing into the job as many of his predecessors did, Trump continues to shrink. Meanwhile, the government has become his plaything, and the backdrop for a dangerous, childish game.

But his callous indifference isn't occurring in a vacuum. Republicans continue to shirk their constitutional duty, and instead of correcting him on his calamitous path, they simply prop him up and egg him on.

He has been opposed since before he was sworn in, and that opposition continues to grow.

Increasingly voters are punishing Republicans for their ties to Trump and putting the power in the hands of Democrats who promise to take America more seriously than he does.