Trump 'jokes' that 'men should sue the women for discrimination'


Trump made a crude 'joke' about discrimination against women.

On Friday, Trump used the National Association of Realtors annual legislative meeting as an opportunity to "joke" about gender discrimination.

"Women filled more than 60% of all of the new jobs created over the past year — 60 — so I think the men should sue the women for discrimination," Trump said. "They should sue. Get a great lawyer."

In addition to minimizing the seriousness of gender discrimination in the workplace, Trump proved he just doesn't know what he's talking about.

According to a 2017 Gallup, survey 4 in 10 working women reported that they faced some sort of discrimination.

Millions of American women are paid less than their male counterparts, are treated as incompetent compared to men, and get passed over for important assignments and promotions.

These aren't jokes or topics that should be casually dismissed.

Trump's comments are even worse considering his extensive history as a sexual predator. Trump has bragged about groping and assaulting women, made sexual comments about his underage daughter, and repeatedly went to great lengths to ogle half-naked teenage pageant contestants.

He doesn't believe equality is a serious topic and his decision to ridicule it, at a realtors meeting of all places, once again shows the sexism that Trump lives and breathes every day.

To Trump, women's equality is a joke.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.