Trump Jr. joked about Aurora shooting victim on day of massacre


As a general rule, we focus on candidates and not their families. However, we will make exceptions if a family member chooses to be a public surrogate and says or does something that reflects directly on the candidate. That is the case with Donald Trump Jr., who has gone after Hillary Clinton in very personal terms, including making a Holocaust joke about her media coverage.

CNN's Andrew Kaczynski reports:

Like his father, Donald Trump Jr. has a history of engaging in controversial conversations with radio shock-jocks, a review of his appearances on various programs by CNN's KFile reveals.

On shows like "Opie and Anthony," the now-defunct "The Six Pack," and "Opie with Jim Norton," the younger Trump made a joke about the 2012 Aurora theater shooting, expressed regret he could no longer mock overweight people, invoked Arab stereotypes, and joked about child beauty contestants being abused by their parents.

The Trump son also noted there were hours of footage of the "The Apprentice" left on the cutting room floor that would appeal to those with a "sick sense of humor."

Kaczynski continues:

In July 2012, on the same day a gunman killed 12 people at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, Trump Jr. joked about still giving the movie "two thumbs up."

Trump Jr. made the comment on "Opie and Anthony" after soundbites were played of witnesses speaking about the tragedy.

"Everything was going good until, uh, we saw gas and sparks, and sounded like really strong fireworks, uh, and then you just hear people yelling and actually just a few, uh, rows away from me a girl gets up holding her jaw. I guess she had got shot," a witness said.

"Overall I give the movie two thumbs up," Trump Jr. exclaimed in reaction.

Who makes light of a woman being shot in the face? A Trump, that's who.