Trump just promoted 3 propaganda videos from a viciously racist British fascist


Early Wednesday morning, Trump spammed a bunch of video retweets from Jayda Fransen, a British extremist who terrorizes Muslim communities.

Donald Trump is well known for consuming and spreading extremist content from fringe sources to his supporters on social media.

But on Wednesday morning, he outdid himself by retweeting three anti-Muslim videos from an overt fascist.

Jayda Fransen is the deputy leader of Britain First, a far-right U.K. political party which advocates a complete shutdown of immigration, and is known primarily for its heinous attacks on Muslims.

She argues British police should be allowed to shoot Muslims, and has claimed the hijab was only invented because Muslim men are unable to stop themselves from raping any woman they see. She also has ties to Jacek Miedlar, a notorious anti-Semitic priest in Poland.

One of the distinguishing features of Fransen’s party is its so-called “Christian patrols,” in which they send mobs into Muslim neighborhoods to terrorize residents. These incidents resulted in Fransen’s arrest and criminal conviction for “religiously aggravated harrassment” after she screamed insults at a woman in a hijab in front of her children.

Britain First has also been accused of inspiring the man who murdered Jo Cox, a member of Parliament, in a knife attack last year.

It is likely that Trump picked up the Fransen tweets from Ann Coulter, who had retweeted them herself on Tuesday afternoon.

Trump’s endorsement did not go unnoticed by Fransen, who immediately thanked him for elevating her extremist group:

And shortly after tweeting out these three propaganda videos, Trump had the gall to demand a boycott of “fake news CNN”:

Evidently, there is no person too vile or too hateful for Trump to promote. His lack of any morals or personal filter is a constant humiliation to our nation’s moral standing.