Trump lackey quitting Congress after Democratic blowout in Virginia


Rep. Bob Goodlatte used his position in Congress to attack Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump's behalf. Now, after Democrats surged to victory in Virginia, he is quitting Congress.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) has announced that he will not be running for re-election, just days after Democrats racked up huge victories in Virginia. He currently serves as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee under Trump loyalist Speaker Paul Ryan.

"After much contemplation and prayer, we decided it was the right time for me to step aside and let someone else serve the Sixth District," Goodlatte said in a release.

His announcement is just the latest in a growing list of Republicans who, facing a surging Democratic Party in the 2018 midterm elections, have decided to bow out rather than face a wipeout.


In Congress, Goodlatte was part of the Republican coalition doing Donald Trump's dirty work. Ignoring the scandal over Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, Goodlatte has been focused on Hillary Clinton's emails.

Just a few weeks ago, Goodlatte and other Republicans launched yet another cover-up disguised as a congressional inquiry into the email issue.

That is exactly what Trump has been demanding, even as his campaign chairman and another aide were indicted for conspiracy against the United States, and a third pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about communications with Russia.

Goodlatte backed the losing candidate in Virginia's 2017 gubernatorial election. He hosted Republican corporate lobbyist Ed Gillespie at his annual barbecue, despite the candidate's blatant embrace of racism on the campaign trail. Gillespie lost by nearly 9 percent to Democrat Ralph Northam.

Goodlatte's congressional district was solid Trump territory. Even as the commonwealth went to Clinton, Trump won Virginia's 6th District 60-35. Goodlatte easily won re-election in 2016, with 66.7 percent of the vote.

That he has decided to hang it up just a year after such an easy victory is a testament to the headwinds Trump Republicans are facing in the coming midterms.

Now, yet another Republican who chose to stand by Trump has seen the writing on the wall. The Democrats are coming, and Goodlatte and other Republicans are getting out of the way.