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Trump becomes laughingstock cheering fake poll numbers from Fox News

Trump is unpopular, and pushing fake poll numbers from Fox won’t change that.

By Oliver Willis - April 11, 2019

Trump made a fool of himself by tweeting a Fox News graphic that artificially inflated his anemic approval rating by 12 percentage points in a weak attempt to make him appear popular.

In fact, the underlying poll shows that Trump has continued his streak of unpopularity over the years.

“Great news! #MAGA,” Trump wrote on Thursday morning, along with a graphic from Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Tonight. The graphic hailed Trump’s “soaring approval” of “55%,” sourced to a poll from Georgetown Politics.

The entire thing is untrue, and it was immediately called out online.

“This graphic is incorrect,” wrote Mo Elleithee, the executive director of Georgetown Politics, the group that conducted the poll. “The 55% number is the President’s unfavorable rating.”

Elleithee also pointed out that the poll shows Trump’s approval rating as 43 percent, with 52 percent disapproving of his presidency.

Before the day had even truly begun, Trump managed to make himself look silly and pathetic, while reminding the entire planet he is extremely unpopular.

Since he was sworn in, Trump has never had an average favorability rating above 50 percent. Ever.

His current average is 41.2 percent, with 53 percent having an unfavorable opinion of him. In fact, in the 9 most recent polls of his presidency, Trump does not have a favorability rating higher than 44 percent — 11 points lower than the fake numbers from Fox he posted.

The trend echoes the outcome of the 2016 election, where Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes.

President Barack Obama, Trump’s predecessor, left office with an average approval rating of 57 percent.

Trump tried to lean on the fraudulent graphic produced by Fox, his quasi-official propaganda outlet (Dobbs is a major fan of his), but it backfired.

The post and subsequent ridicule reminded everyone that Trump is unpopular, no matter his transparent attempts to twist reality and claim otherwise.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.

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