Trump lawyer: It's 'improper' for Congress to do its job


Trump's lawyer said even Watergate shouldn't have been investigated by Congress.

A lawyer representing Trump in federal court argued on Tuesday that it is improper for Congress to investigate a president for breaking the law.

William Consovoy, Trump's personal lawyer, was in court as part of an effort to stop the House Oversight Committee from obtaining Trump's financial records from the accounting firm Mazars USA.

Trump's team has asserted that requesting the records is overstepping Congress' authority. The committee has had to take a circuitous path to Trump's tax records because he continues to hide them from the public.

As part of the proceedings, Judge Amit Mehta asked Consovoy if he believes Congress can investigate a president if the president is involved in corrupt behavior.

"I don't think that’s the proper subject of investigation as to the president," he replied.

"Mehta sounded incredulous" of the response, USA Today reported.

The judge went on to cite famous congressional investigations like Watergate, which uncovered a series of criminal and corrupt activities by President Richard Nixon and asked the lawyer if he believed Congress should have investigated.

"That is still law enforcement," Trump's lawyer replied, asserting that while criminal investigative agencies had a role to play, Congress should not have been able to proceed with their probes.

The argument runs completely counter to Congress' constitutional role, which is to engage in oversight of the executive branch of the government.

Consovoy is making the case in court that Trump and Republicans in Congress have been repeating over and over: They insist that despite evidence of Trump's corruption and criminality on multiple fronts — including but not limited to the Mueller report — he should still be given a pass.

The Trump administration is systematically blocking congressional oversight of his activities, refusing to provide witnesses and evidence despite existing law and precedent.

Consovoy's ridiculous defense shows that Trump continues to believe he is above the law and believes Democrats should continue the Republican practice of giving him a pass for his corruption.

Trump's corruption is under fire on multiple fronts and laughable court defenses won't change the underlying rot that permeates his presidency.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.