Trump's own lawyer Michael Cohen makes a liar out of Trump


Trump had some angry opinions about the FBI raid on his personal lawyer Michael Cohen. But Cohen himself pulled the rug out from under his lies.

Trump made it quite clear how angry he was about the FBI raid on the home and office of his personal lawyer and hush-money man, Michael Cohen.

But according to Cohen, Trump's rage was a little misplaced — in that it was mostly spewing lies.

The raid was "an attack on our country" and a "disgrace," Trump ranted to reporters later that same day. And he specifically claimed that FBI agents "broke into" Cohen's office.

Cohen himself apparently begged to differ.

He told CNN on Tuesday that the agents "were all extremely professional, courteous, and respectful." He even thanked them when they were finished.

And though he said the raid was "upsetting," he seemed to accept that the agents were doing their job.

"Cohen did not fault the FBI agents who conducted the raid at his house, office and a hotel where he is temporarily staying," CNN noted.

Trump, of course, did fault them, and very loudly.

He continues to slam special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, and now the raid on Cohen, as a "witch hunt" in all-caps rage. But many of the people leading the probe are Republicans whom Trump appointed.

He whines that agents are focusing on his potential collusion and obstruction, rather than on private citizen Hillary Clinton.

And now, he's venting his rage about something that didn't actually happen. And his own lawyer, the person targeted by the imagined events in Trump's head, made it very clear that his client doesn't know what he's talking about.

Notably, Trump's press secretary responded with "I'm not sure" when asked if Cohen was still on the job with Trump.

As the saying goes, a lawyer who represents him- or herself has a fool for a client. That would be a step up for Cohen.