Trump takes early weekend after just one public appearance in six days


After remaining out of sight for most of the week, Trump made an early exit for the holiday weekend.

Trump emerged from his weeklong, self-imposed seclusion on Thursday to give what the White House had touted would be a "major address." Instead, Trump wandered his way through a listless, garbled speech that was so boring cable news channels cut away from it.

For somebody who loves the spotlight, Trump has virtually disappeared from public view over the last week. He's scheduled to fly to Mar-a-Lago Thursday evening, where he'll spend a long holiday weekend, and presumably stay out of public view while he golfs.

Trump spent the previous weekend under wraps in Florida as well. And last week, the White House hosted just a single press briefing for reporters.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about Trump's vanishing act during Wednesday's press event. She insisted he's been "incredibly active" in recent days, but couldn't give many examples.

She did suggest Trump would be a giving "a major speech" to construction union members in a speech outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

But the forgettable, unimportant Thursday address was just more warmed-over Trump, as he bragged about his supposed accomplishments. In a rare move in the age of Trump's celebrity-type news coverage, CNN cut away from the speech after fifteen minutes. MSNBC soon followed and even Fox News pulled the plug on Trump.

Trump's vanishing profile seems to have coincided with the rash of headlines about the mounting legal action surrounding porn actress Stormy Daniels.

To date, Trump has categorically refused to address the burgeoning hush-money scandal, and he won't even tweet her name.

Last Friday, he abruptly exited what he claimed would be a White House “news conference,” after taking only two queries from reporters. He quickly left the room full of journalists and ignored a pointed question about lawsuits that are piling up about his previous extramarital affairs.

Trump's weird silence also comes as his legal defense team remains in complete disrepair as special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe intensifies.

After Trump’s head counsel, John Dowd, abruptly quit last week, at least half a dozen lawyers have publically turned down the opportunity to join Trump’s legal team.

This, as the news on the Russia front has not been good this week for Trump.

Late on Tuesday evening, it was revealed that Mueller had alleged in a court filing that former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates knew that he and chairman Paul Manafort “were working with a former Russian intelligence officer during the 2016 election.”

Then on Wednesday came the stunning report that Trump's attorney last summer may have dangled presidential pardons in front of Trump associates who were targets of the Mueller investigation, in exchange for them not cooperating with the probe.

Trump just mailed in another week, and now he's off to play more golf.