Trump adds Benghazi-loving Fox News favorite to his defense team


Joe diGenova reminds us there's nobody too fringe for Trump.

Continuing a push to surround himself with B- and C-list Fox News commentators, Trump's decision to add Joe diGenova to his legal team will do nothing to raise the White House IQ. But it does bring in another conspiratorial voice.

Not only does diGenova push the loony theory that a group of rogue players inside the FBI is trying to push Trump out of power, but he's spent years appearing on Fox News peddling all kinds of garbage claims against Democrats that never pan out.

And now he's been hired by Trump to try to fend off special counsel Robert Mueller, who will likely soon demand Trump answer questions under oath, a prospect that terrifies his advisers. The latest move comes while Trump's personal legal team is in a state of chaos as Trump lashes out wildly.

Trump could have tried to hire a sterling legal mind. Instead, he hired diGenova, a publicity hound whose integrity level seems to mirror that of a Fox News primetime host.

Specifically, in recent years diGenova tried to insert himself into the GOP's Benghazi charade under President Barack Obama and spent months making reckless allegations.

For one, he claimed that some members of the military were "relieved of their duty because they insisted that there be a military response" to the Benghazi attack.

He's also claimed, "[The] Obama administration was trying to cover up the theft of 400 surface-to-air missiles that were somehow linked to the American presence in Benghazi," as Media Matters noted.

And he even pushed the dubious claim that anonymous State Department and CIA "whistleblowers" had been blocked from going public and threatened by the Obama administration to prevent their testifying about the Benghazi attack.

But the loaded allegations all failed to amount to anything.

After that, diGenova told anybody who would listen that Hillary Clinton wouldn't be able to complete her 2016 presidential campaign because she'd be indicted before Election Day for the "numerous federal crimes" she committed while using a private email server as secretary of state.

He also claimed in 2016 that "150 agents" from the FBI were working on the Clinton emails investigation. It turns out he was only off by 138.

It's somewhat stunning to think that fringe player like diGenova, who would currently seem more at home at Alex Jones' InfoWars than inside a federal courtroom, would be defending the President of the United States.

Then again, Trump has obliterated all achievement guidelines for the White House and will welcome anyone into his orbit if they promise to echo his paranoid mindset.