Trump lies, promotes a racist, and attacks his own party — all before breakfast


Trump kicked off his morning with yet another one of his embarrassing and disgraceful Twitter meltdowns.

Donald Trump has never been known for his rhetorical coherence, either before or after ascending to the presidency.

But on Friday morning, Trump once again took to Twitter for a series of remarks that were barely a step above gibberish.

Trump reiterated his serial demand that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell eliminate the legislative filibuster, something Senate Republicans have resolutely rejected.

He seems not to understand that the top GOP agenda items of repealing Obamacare and slashing taxes for the rich are in jeopardy because Republicans do not have the votes from their own caucus. In both cases, McConnell has shut Democrats out of the process and used a procedure that cannot be filibustered, so Trump has no one to blame but Republicans.

But Trump was not finished. After raging about how it is impossible to pass bills because of Democrats, Trump switched to bragging about how many bills he has passed.

Leaving aside the contradictory juxtaposition of these two tweets, Trump's frequent claim he has signed more bills than any other president at this point of his term has been repeatedly debunked. Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton all beat his total bill count.

Moreover, none of the bills Trump has signed so far are significant legislation. Most just cut regulations, like Internet privacy and waterway protections. By this point in President Barack Obama's term, he had saved the American auto industry, cut taxes for 95 percent of working families, and cracked down on workplace pay discrimination.

Trump's other boasts are equally empty. It was under Obama that border crossings started to fall and military leaders developed the current strategy against ISIS, and McConnell can claim most of the credit for stealing that Supreme Court seat.

To emphasize his boasts, Trump cited praise of his administration by one Nick Adams:

Adams is a far-right political writer who, despite titling his book "Retaking America," is actually Australian. He is known for penning virulently racist screeds, including "Obama's Muslim Sympathies" and "Black In America? You've Got It Made."

Trump then returned to one of his favorites themes: calling out members of his own party.

The Republican senator from Tennessee criticized Trump earlier this month, saying he "has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to be successful," adding that Trump "has not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation."

Trump also reportedly has been trying to pressure Corker, as well as other Senate Republicans, to obstruct the Russia investigation. Clearly it is Trump, not Corker, who is desperately seeking help — to no avail.

It is humiliating enough for our nation that we have a president more interested in preening and gnashing his teeth on Twitter than actually governing. The fact that his behavior on social media is this incoherent makes it that much worse.