Trump literally tries to cover up his compulsive golfing with a big truck


Trump has spent the whole week golfing — and he is apparently feeling quite self-conscious about it.

Donald Trump has visited golf clubs 83 times since taking office. And despite proclaiming this week that it was "back to work" for him, he has spent every day since Christmas so far on the golf course with no public events on his schedule.

And given that he repeatedly attacked President Barack Obama for hitting the links far less often, he appears to actually be embarrassed about it.

But that's not enough to actually get him back into the White House to do his job. Instead, he is simply trying to hide.

CNN reported that Trump used an incredibly creative method of concealing his golf game on Wednesday: he put a large, white truck between himself and reporters so they couldn't get photographs.

Trump has been resorting to increasingly desperate measures to avoid being seen teeing off.

Back in August, a photo of Trump golfing during a supposed "working vacation" in the middle of a major flareup of tensions with North Korea was leaked on, and then mysteriously vanished from, his friend Mike Fazio’s Instagram feed.

And in November, his media officials lied to the White House press pool about him being "hard at work" minutes before he pulled into the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach.

However, using a truck to obscure reporters’ view is a new tactic even for Trump.

If the president is ashamed of his golf habit, perhaps he should simply scale it back and spend more time in the office — or better yet, perhaps he should reconsider whether this job is really for him.