Trump may have just done Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff a big favor


By tweeting support for Georgia Republican Karen Handel the day before the special election in Georgia's 6th Congressional District, Donald Trump may have just helped out her opponent Jon Ossoff.

Donald Trump is not popular in Georgia's 6th Congressional District.

While 52 percent of voters have a favorable opinion of Democrat Jon Ossoff — compared with a 42 percent favorable impression of his Republican, opponent Karen Handel — only 35 percent view Trump favorably.

Handel has tried to keep her distance, but Trump can't seem to help himself.

Monday morning, one day before the special election, he fired off a tweet attacking Democrats and imploring Georgians to "Vote now for Karen H."

The one time Trump visited the district for a Handel fundraiser, it coincided with the annual conference of the National Rifle Association in Atlanta. He did her no favors then either, touting her total alignment with the NRA, which holds positions starkly at odds with Georgia voters and Americans overall.

Shareblue has documented Trump's reverse Midas touch, the pattern in which everything he comes in the proximity of experiences a downturn, and this has included his public endorsements. Whether vouching for Fox News allies Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly or conservative standard bearer Jim DeMint at the Heritage Foundation, in each case, within days, all they were ousted.

We can only hope Karen Handel suffers the same fate.