Trump media trashes Jewish White House adviser after he belatedly condemns Nazi violence


Even a mild rebuke from Trump's top economic adviser is too much for the pro-Trump Breitbart.

Making good on its private promise to do “the dirty work” for Donald Trump, his loyal media site Breitbart quickly attacked chief White House economic adviser Gary Cohn after he belatedly criticized Trump’s response to white supremacy violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Mocking Cohn as a “globalist,” Breitbart tied Cohn, who is Jewish, to the “establishment media" and derided him for not denouncing liberal protesters who showed up to challenge white nationalists in Virginia.

Cohn’s main sin in the eyes of Trump media? He finally came forward and expressed concern and disappointment at how Trump falsely equated Nazis and Klansmen with the protesters who challenged them.


“This administration can and must do better in consistently and unequivocally condemning these groups and do everything we can to heal the deep divisions that exist in our communities,” Cohn said in his first public comments on the issue.

But even that mild, belated rebuke was too much for Breitbart, the self-described “platform for the alt-right,” which once again put Trump’s economic adviser in its sights.

This is all part of the unfolding, cross-current civil war that’s breaking out within the Republican Party the conservative moment as Trump continues to fracture them: More and more political, business, and military leaders rebuke Trump, while it seems just has many hardcore white nationalists cheer him.

Cohn and other Jewish members of Trump’s inner circle had come under withering criticism for remaining silent after Trump went out of his way to try to explain away the white nationalist violence in Virginia, where a liberal counter-protester was killed by a Nazi supporter.

In recent days, Trump’s adviser had plenty of opportunities to publicly express his concern about Trump’s comments following Charlottesville, but Cohn routinely passed:

Cohn, the former president of Goldman Sachs, was actually standing next to Trump during his meltdown in the lobby of the Trump Tower on Aug. 15, where he famously announced some “very nice people” had gathered among the white supremacists in Virginia.

Since then, a petulant Trump has spent more than a week trying to clean up his comments, or just completely whitewash them.

On Tuesday, CNN reported that an “email prankster” had fooled editors at Breitbart into thinking they were corresponding with Steve Bannon, after he was ousted from his job as Trump’s chief strategist.

In one of the emails, Breitbart editor Alex Marlow pledged to do "the dirty work” in terms of using the site to fight Trump’s and Bannon’s political enemies. Marlow bragged about how he had recently posted five articles, in one day, warning readers about the rise of “globalists” in the Trump administration.

Cohn has been a consistent target of Breitbart’s nasty, right-wing attacks.