Trump calls meeting with school shooting victims 'a little fun'


Trump — cold and clueless about how to comfort people in pain — expects to have 'fun' meeting with school shooting victims and their families.

Trump once again showed how tone deaf and indifferent to human suffering he is by describing an upcoming meeting with the families of school shooting victims as "a little fun."

He made the comment before boarding Air Force One en route to Texas. He is scheduled to meet with families affected by the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School. According to the White House schedule, he is also attending two private events with supporters and speaking at the National Republican Senatorial Committee lunch, which is also closed to the press.

Before he got on the plane, Trump spoke to the media. After praising the good state of the economy and incorrectly taking credit for it, he said, "We're going to Dallas, we're going to Houston, and we're going to have a little fun today."

The comment was strange and outside of the presidential tradition for such a somber occasion. But it was on-message for Trump, who enjoys a close relationship with the extremists at the NRA and has at time showed more sympathy to that organization than to the victims of school shootings.

After the February massacre at a high school in Parkland, Florida, for example, Trump blamed teenagers for not stopping the shooter.

Just two weeks before the Santa Fe shooting, Trump and Mike Pence spoke at the NRA's annual meeting, where they were greeted as conquering heroes.

In his speech, Pence assured the group that he and Trump are their friends and allies.

It is true. Trump has avoided pushing serious legislation to curb gun violence, which was what the NRA bought for the millions they spent supporting him in 2016. Some of that money has been sourced to Russian operatives.

Trump is indifferent to human suffering. He is unmoved to care about much unless his own interests are on the line.

Through his short time in office, he has done the NRA's bidding and done nothing to even remotely address America's gun problem. That is the kind of mind that calls this sort of meeting "fun."