Trump forcing military to give him his parade nobody else wants


A senior U.S. official revealed nobody in the government but Trump and his toadies wants the military parade Trump ordered. But Trump is advancing plans anyway.

The Trump administration is continuing to move ahead with plans for an ego-stroking military parade demanded solely by Trump himself.

NBC News reports, however, that outside of Trump and his immediate circle of sycophantic underlings, support for the parade is effectively nonexistent.

A senior U.S. official told the outlet "there is only one person who wants this parade" — and that is Trump himself.

Officials in the White House don't have interest in making plans for the unprecedented event, and are reportedly dragging their feet, according to a senior administration official.

Trump first started pushing the idea after witnessing the Bastille Day parade in France. He described it as a "really great parade to show our military strength" on the 4th of July.

But these types of parades with an overt military tone have been more closely associated throughout history with authoritarian, repressive regimes and not open democracies like the United States.

Trump has expressed open admiration for thugs and dictators around the world. He has emulated some of their worst behavior by imposing religious bans on travel, sympathizing with racial supremacists, and attacking the free press.

Trump has relentlessly attacked the military he now tasks with throwing him a parade. Instead of honoring service, he has spent most of his presidency denigrating the armed forces and veterans.

Retired military leaders have slammed the parade idea. Retired Rear Admiral John Kirby told CNN, "This is not about showcasing our military. This is about the president showing off. This is all about his ego."

Even his fellow Republicans and the pro-Trump propagandists at Fox News have publicly cringed at the idea of an expensive, Trump-praising military parade.

But none of that has put a dent in Trump's massively outsized ego.

The ridiculous parade is still being planned because Trump has demanded it. Around the world, the worst of the worst leaders are watching the current head of America's government follow in their footsteps.

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