White House: Trump 'misunderstood' softball question from Fox News


According to the White House, Trump didn't understand a simple question from one of his top fans at Fox News.

The White House claims Trump "misunderstood" a simple question asked by one of his biggest fans on Fox News this morning.

In an attempt at cleaning up Trump's claim that he didn't support either of the immigration bills being worked on in Congress, the White House decided to claim confusion.

But the question was not difficult, and it was offered up by an anchor, Steve Doocy, who is effectively a Trump fanboy, during a show oriented toward pleasing Trump.

"Fox and Friends" co-anchor Steve Doocy is an unabashed Trump fan. He asked Trump, "Would you sign either one them?" in reference to the two immigration bills.

Trump replied, "I'm looking at both of them, I certainly wouldn't sign the more moderate one."

Trump initiated the series of questions as part of a ploy to celebrate "Fox & Friends." Trump once frequented the show, where he promoted the birther conspiracy theory.

During this morning's "confusing" exchange, Trump did not appear to be any more confused than his usual base level of confusion.

The real problem is that Trump has repeatedly avoided clear, honest answers to questions, particularly on policy.

He simply filibusters questions, telling reporters "we'll see" or otherwise dodging a direct statement on key issues facing America and the world.

In this instance, Trump threw a wrench at legislators in his own party.

By rejecting Republican legislation on the fly — in an easy interview conducted by Trump fan Doocy — Trump gave his underlings another mess to clean up.

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