Trump mocks Hispanic accents at Hispanic Heritage month event


Racist in chief Donald Trump was in full racist mode at the White House's Hispanic Heritage Month event.

Donald Trump started his presidential campaign by attacking Mexicans, and it's been downhill since then.

At the White House's Hispanic Heritage Month event Friday, Trump took a break from blaming immigrants for crime and Puerto Ricans for the devastation to their island caused by Hurricane Maria to outright mock Hispanic accents.

"We are also praying for the people of Pwwweeeerto Reeeco," he said. "We love Pwwweeeerto Reeeco. Pwwweeeerto Reeeco. And we also love Porto Rico."

That the White House is pretending Trump has any respect whatsoever for Hispanic heritage is insulting enough. He has viciously attacked immigrants, particularly Latino immigrants. His disdain for Mexicans was a major theme of his campaign.

He had even said at one point that he would deport documented immigrants, as well as undocumented ones, and then let the "good people" come back to the United States through "a big, very beautiful door" in his non-existent wall "because we want the legals to come back into the country.”

When he is not attacking and smearing Hispanic people, he is condescending to them. "I love Hispanics!" he tweeted to recognize Cinco de Mayo in 2016, while promoting his "taco bowl" at Trump Tower.

The grotesque incident at the White House Friday is not even the first time Trump has mocked accents. At a campaign rally in 2015, Trump delivered a shockingly offensive performance of an imaginary negotiation with Chinese businessmen who tell him, "We want deal."

Trump's treatment of non-white people — Americans and non-Americans alike — is horrifically insulting, inappropriate, and deeply unpresidential. But we knew that about him from day one.