Trump spends Mother's Day weekend melting down and ignoring his wife


Trump spent Mother's Day weekend complaining about his son being subpoenaed and hanging Don McGahn out to dry. He forgot to mention Melania.

Another weekend, another Trump meltdown.

This one started early Saturday with an impressive burst of retweets of people who fawn over him.

Trump must have been feeling the need for some external validation, as he retweeted 62 Trump-favorable tweets in under an hour. Many of them were conservatives taking up the cause of complaining about Donald Trump Jr. being issued a subpoena by the Senate Intelligence Committee, even though that subpoena came from the Republican committee chair, Sen. Richard Burr.

There were multiple retweets of Tom Fitton, the head of Judicial Watch, a reliable Trump backer and Clinton conspiracist. Trump retweeted Fitton's assertion that the "DNC Worked With Russian Intel to Overthrow" Trump and that the Mueller report was a "Political Tool" to attack him. That's a curious stance for Trump, who also simultaneously insists the Mueller report exonerated him.

Saturday afternoon, it was time for what had been inevitable since the release of the Mueller report: the trashing of former White House counsel Don McGahn, who testified at length during the investigation.

Trump tweeted that he had not tried to fire Mueller and that McGahn "had a much better chance of being fired than Mueller." He also declared that he was "[n]ever a big fan!" of McGahn. That's a far cry from August 2018, when Trump praised McGahn, saying they had worked together a long time and that he "truly appreciate[d] his service!"

Sunday was largely devoted to railing against the "sick and unlawful" Russia investigation and calling Democrats "crazed lunatics" and "nuts." There was also an increasingly incoherent discussion of China and tariffs, including saying that China wants Democrats like "Sleepy Joe Biden" to win.

By far the oddest tweet of the weekend came when Trump tried to explain how America was going to profit from his tariffs against China: "We will then spend (match or better) the money that China may no longer be spending with our Great Patriot Farmers (Agriculture), which is a small percentage of total Tariffs received, and distribute the food to starving people in nations around the world! GREAT!"

Notably absent from any of Trump's tweets on Sunday was any mention of mothers, Mother's Day, or even of Melania personally. Apparently, he just couldn't find the time.

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