Trump kicks off day of Mueller report release with a complete meltdown


The 'exonerated' president is acting like he's really scared of what special counsel Robert Mueller's report will expose.

Trump is acting the way a totally innocent man would the day the findings of a major investigation into his conduct are released: by sending a series of paranoid, inaccurate, and whiny tweets accusing others of crimes they obviously did not commit.

Trump's Twitter meltdown began at around 8 a.m., when he frantically tweeted about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation being a "hoax."

"The Greatest Political Hoax of all time! Crimes were committed by Crooked, Dirty Cops and DNC/The Democrats," Trump tweeted.

This has been his favorite go-to line throughout Mueller's roughly two-year-long investigation — and it's still as false today as it was when he first began shouting the ridiculous comment. In fact, it looks like a classic case of "projection": accusing someone else of something you did.

A few minutes later, Trump shouted another one of his favorite lines.

"PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!" Trump tweeted in all caps, like your racist uncle would do on Facebook.

Then came half a dozen absolutely absurd retweets of Judicial Watch, a radical right-wing organization that continues to push the Hillary Clinton email investigation in an effort to deflect attention from Trump.

Of course, no one cares about the email investigation anymore because not only is it over, but most people have realized it was stupid from the jump — though the reporters who perpetuated it for years haven't taken responsibility for their mistakes in pushing it. But when you have no good defense of Trump, then resorting to pushing dumb Clinton "news" seems to be the GOP's go-to move.

In two of the Judicial Watch tweets Trump promoted, the group's leader, conspiracy theorist Tom Fitton, tries to push the ridiculous and fake "spygate" conspiracy that Trump and Republicans have glommed onto to try and delegitimize the Mueller investigation.

In case anyone was wondering whether the "news" conference Attorney General William Barr is set to hold hours before anyone even receives Mueller's report was anything other than a naked attempt to spin the contents to protect the man who gave him the job, Trump then encouraged people to watch Barr's conference Thursday morning on Fox News and One America News, another right-wing propaganda outlet.

Trump also tweeted a video that splices together his countless declarations that there was "no collusion" — and even features the over-the-top headlines reporters bought after Trump's attorney general released his "summary" of the Mueller report nearly a month ago that we still can't verify because no one has actually seen it.

Happy Mueller report day, everyone.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.