Watch Trump stumble through national anthem he doesn't know words to


At a White House ceremony, Trump appeared not to know the words to the national anthem he was supposedly celebrating.

Trump stumbled through a rendition of the American national anthem at the so-called "Celebration of America" event held at the White House Tuesday.

At several points, as the military chorus sang the "Star-Spangled Banner," Trump completely stopped singing the song that is familiar to citizens from coast to coast.

The fumbling attempt to honor America again raises questions as to whether Trump knows the words for the song over which he has expressed so much outrage.

Plenty of Americans know the words and sing them at events big and small across the country.

Trump has claimed that those who do not appropriately honor the song the way he dictates do not even belong in America. A president not knowing the words, especially at a White House ceremony in front of the military he commands, would likely qualify as dishonor.

The faux pas echoed his failure to put his hand over his heart while the anthem played a year ago.

The bizarre "celebration" was scheduled after only a few members of the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles said they would attend the traditional White House ceremony. Trump hastily canceled the photo op with the Eagles rather than face the humiliation of most of them not bothering to attend.

Instead, the White House announced "a different type of ceremony," where the United States Marine Band and the United States Army Chorus would "loudly and proudly play the national anthem."

The players have turned their backs on Trump as he has launched into a multi-month crusade against players protesting police brutality by respectfully taking a knee during the anthem.

Trump made the event more of a farce by his poor rendition of the anthem, and exposed just how fragile and puerile his racist motivation against the protest has been.