Trump smears entire African continent as 'vicious and violent'


Trump disgraced America at a NATO event by describing the entire African continent — 1.2 billion people — as 'vicious and violent.'

Trump is up to his insulting and racist international demagoguery again, describing the entire African continent as "vicious and violent."

The remarks were made at the NATO Summit in Belgium, as he capped off an event where engaged in nonstop attacks and insults against America's allies.

Trump said, "Africa, right now, it's got problems like few people would understand. They have things going on there that nobody could believe in this room. If you saw some of the things that I see through intelligence what's going on in Africa, it is so sad, and so vicious and violent."

His simplistic and inaccurate description of the African continent, which contains 1.2 billion people across 54 countries, is par for the course with Trump.

Africa's large nonwhite population no doubt has an effect on how Trump views the region, through his rabidly racist world view.

Previously he referred to African nations as "shitholes," in a previous broadside against nations with large nonwhite populations.

Trump has a long history of expressing racial prejudice against black people, and that is what motivates a disturbing amount of his policies and initiatives while he holds the presidency.

He casually described Mexicans as rapists and has characterized immigrants as merely "animals," while using that imagery to justify separating Latino families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump went to the NATO summit to represent America, but unfortunately his decision to once again indulge in racial demagoguery showed the world the absolute worst of America.

Published with permission on The American Independent.