Trump orders Navy not to use 'electric' because 'nobody knows' how it works


Trump wants to scrap an electric launch system for Navy ships, despite the cost savings for taxpayers and increased military power they would allow, because he thinks it's 'too much' modern technology.

Trump asserted that "nobody knows" how an electric-based system for launching airplanes off Navy ships will perform in bad conditions and has ordered the military to use steam catapults instead.

"We're spending all that money on electric and nobody knows what it’s going to be like in bad conditions," Trump told sailors and Marines on the USS Wasp on Tuesday in Japan. "So I think I’m going to put an order — when we build a new aircraft carrier, we’re going to use steam."

Plans have been in place by the military since 2018 to purchase two Ford-class aircraft carriers that will use the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS), replacing the old steam-based systems.

The EMALS system is currently in place onboard the USS Gerald R. Ford, which was commissioned in July 2017. Despite Trump's claim, the EMALS system performed successfully at sea aboard the Ford that same month.

"Navy officials say the electromagnetic technology will be easier to maintain for sailors aboard the ship and will provide smoother acceleration for launch, putting less stress on aircraft air frames," Navy Times reported.

China reportedly plans to use a similar system on its ships.

The Navy estimated in 2013 that the new system would allow the Ford class to "launch jets faster than previous aircraft carriers and will require fewer crew members," according to the Associated Press.

The Navy projected such changes would save taxpayers $4 billion over the 50-year life span of a ship and would also allow the ship to launch 25% more missions per day.

"We all want innovation," Trump told the troops, "but it’s too much."

Trump is proposing billions in costs for taxpayers and degraded military power, due to his distrust of modern technology.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.