No one wants Trump to be president ever again


Americans have seen Trump inhabit the office of the presidency for nearly two years, and a strong majority say they have had enough.

Trump has only occupied the White House for two years, but Americans are overwhelmingly ready to move along from his tenure as president, according to a newly released Monmouth University poll.

The poll was taken after the recent midterm elections.

Almost 6 in 10 Americans (59 percent) say they're ready for someone else to replace Trump as president. Only 36 percent say he should return for another four-year term.

The poor showing reflects Trump's always-weak approval rating, which stands at 43 percent in this poll. Since taking over the presidency in January of 2017, he has never polled above 50 percent in approval in aggregate polls.

The numbers are also a reminder that the current occupant of the White House lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by a margin of nearly 3 million votes in the 2016 election.

Trump's approval ratings have not benefited from the improved economic conditions brought about by the recovery that began under President Barack Obama.

He has also not seen an improvement in his standings since Republicans passed a tax scam that cut taxes for the ultra-wealthy and corporations.

Trump and his fellow Republicans have relied on rhetoric and policy that promotes bigotry against minority ethnic groups and religious faiths, while also engaging in rampant corruption.

That translated into a historic midterm election where Democrats beat Trump-aligned Republicans all over the country on their path to a new majority in the House.

The 2020 election cycle has already begun, and Democrats are about to begin jockeying for their party's nomination.

They do so with the knowledge that Americans are overwhelmingly done with Trump and his party, and are ready to move forward in a new direction.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.