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Inspired by North Korea, Trump assembles propaganda team for summit

Sean Hannity

Trump propagandists led by Sean Hannity are heading to the North Korea nuclear summit to make sure Trump gets glowing coverage even if the event is a spectacular failure.

Apparently fearing his upcoming summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is going to be a disaster, Trump is assembling his very own propaganda team to travel with him to make sure coverage of the event is glowing regardless of how badly it turns out.

Former White House aide and Nazi sympathizer Seb Gorka, who also serves as a Fox News contributor, announced this week that he will be traveling to Singapore for next week's summit, alongside Fox News host and Trump sycophant Sean Hannity.

Gorka and Hannity will be there to shape Fox News' coverage of the summit, which Trump started hyping before it was even scheduled.

"I’m delighted to go with Sean Hannity and his team," Gorka said during an appearance on Fox Business Network. "So we will be there on the ground reporting for Fox and Fox Business."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hannity plans to broadcast his primetime show live from Singapore for three days next week. "Fox News Sunday" will also air this weekend's episode from Singapore.

Gorka and Hannity are among the most vocal pro-Trump propagandists on television, and both have parroted Trump's rhetoric about the on-again, off-again meeting with North Korea's leader.

When Trump wanted to annihilate North Korea, so did Gorka and Hannity.

When Trump wanted to make friends with North Korea, so did Gorka and Hannity.

For Trump sycophants like this duo, anything Trump does is the right thing — even if it was the wrong thing when someone else proposed doing it.

When President Obama was in office, Hannity was vehemently opposed to the idea of a U.S. president meeting with the North Korean dictator, referring to Obama's willingness to establish diplomatic relations with Kim Jong Un as "one of the most disturbing displays of Obama's lack of foreign policy expertise."

But when Trump signaled his willingness to meet with Kim Jong Un, Hannity called it a "huge foreign policy win" and said it should earn Trump a Nobel Peace Prize.

Next week's summit comes after months of back-and-forth negotiations during which a meeting was scheduled, then canceled, then scheduled again. At one point, the White House said North Korea had agreed to de-nuclearize, but they have since walked that back and attempted to lower expectations for the meeting. 

Trump will go into the summit woefully unprepared, as he said himself on Thursday. He has reportedly refused briefings about North Korea's nuclear program, leaving his top foreign policy advisers "concerned" that the regime will run circles around him and take advantage of his ignorance.

But even if the talks end up humiliating Trump and letting a dictator pull one over on America, Hannity and Gorka will be waiting in the wings to pat Trump on the back and reassure him that he's still a winner in their eyes.

Perhaps Trump is just taking a cue from Kim Jong Un — after all, you're not a real dictator until you have your very own traveling propaganda team.