Trump on defense: White House trip canceled due to fear of protests


The Resistance is working: The White House has called off a trip to Milwaukee, WI, rather than face protesters. Donald Trump may have won Wisconsin on Election Day, but he is losing hearts and minds there, and all across America.

The New York Times reports:

The decision by the White House and Harley-Davidson to cancel President Trump’s trip to Milwaukee for a factory visit on Thursday rather than face protesters is sure to have repercussions for the already energized activists opposing Mr. Trump’s presidency.

Harley-Davidson was worried about the protests likely to greet Mr. Trump and the possible harm to its popularity, just as Peyton Manning was last week when he dashed out the back door of a Republican retreat in Philadelphia rather than risk the cameras.

Americans are rising up to protest Trump in blue states and red statesand it is having an impact.

Resistance works, and it will keep working so long as the people, as Rep. John Lewis would say, "keep the faith."