Trump on first morning of Thanksgiving vacation: Give thanks to me


Trump tried to make the holiday of thanks and gratitude about him, with yet another racist Twitter rant against black athletes.

The Thanksgiving holiday is meant to be a time of self-reflection, in which all Americans take a deep look at their lives and decide what they are most thankful for.

Donald Trump wants to make very clear that people should be thankful for him. Especially black athletes and their families.

In his latest unhinged early-morning Twitter outburst, he turned his guns once again on LaVar Ball, the retired athlete whose son was just rescued from overseas after being detained by Chinese authorities on shoplifting charges.

As a reminder, Ball’s son and the players’ athletic conference already thanked Trump.

But his default assumption is always that black athletes are “ungrateful” for what white culture deigned to bestow on them — a theme he continued with yet another tweet blasting the NFL for not getting “tough and smart” on players protesting police brutality.

And Trump was not finished. Soon after, he retweeted another user who said that if Hillary Clinton freed his child from prison, he would be thanking her “corrupt ass”:

Trump pivoted from his shallow dog whistles to his continued insecurity about his standing in the 2016 presidential election, in which Clinton won nearly 3 million more votes than Trump.

Previous presidents never behaved like this during the Thanksgiving holidays. President Barack Obama and his family took this time to volunteer at shelters helping veterans and the homeless. He did not have a pathological, constant need to be thanked — he just went out and did what he felt would help.

If the American people should have anything to be thankful for with regard to Trump, it is that his term will not last forever.