Trump is in full-blown panic that he'll be impeached for his crimes


For all of his baseless insistence that he has been exonerated, Trump is clearly nervous that his crimes are catching up to him.

For the second day in a row, Trump went on a deranged Twitter tear in which he said he would fight any impeachment efforts against him with the Supreme Court and claimed to be the most transparent president ever in regards to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

The rant is yet another sign Trump is terrified about the prospect of his impeachment following Mueller's bombshell report detailing multiple attempts by Trump to obstruct justice.

"The Mueller Report, despite being written by Angry Democrats and Trump Haters, and with unlimited money behind it ($35,000,000), didn’t lay a glove on me," Trump tweeted — a baseless lie given that Mueller's report laid out multiple instances of Trump's attempts to obstruct justice. "I DID NOTHING WRONG. If the partisan Dems ever tried to Impeach, I would first head to the U.S. Supreme Court."

Trump continued, "Not only are there no 'High Crimes and Misdemeanors,' there are no Crimes by me at all. All of the Crimes were committed by Crooked Hillary, the Dems, the DNC and Dirty Cops - and we caught them in the act! We waited for Mueller and WON, so now the Dems look to Congress as last hope!"

Shortly after, Trump tweeted about his cooperation with Mueller's investigation — yet another baseless lie.

"No Collusion, No Obstruction - there has NEVER been a President who has been more transparent," Trump tweeted. "Millions of pages of documents were given to the Mueller Angry Dems, plus I allowed everyone to testify, including W.H. counsel."

The rant continued. "I didn’t have to do this, but now they want more," Trump added. "Congress has no time to legislate, they only want to continue the Witch Hunt, which I have already won. They should start looking at The Criminals who are already very well known to all. This was a Rigged System - WE WILL DRAIN THE SWAMP!"

Of course, Trump would have almost no recourse with the Supreme Court to fight impeachment. The Constitution is clear that impeachment is a political process, and that Congress can impeach a president for "high crimes and misdemeanors" — which are basically anything Congress says they are. Not to mention, the Constitution mandates that the chief justice of the Supreme Court — in this case, George W. Bush appointee John Roberts — would oversee any impeachment trial, so the Supreme Court is already involved.

Secondly, Trump was anything but transparent in the Mueller probe.

In fact, Mueller dedicated an entire section of the report to detail the ways the Trump administration made his job more difficult, including Trump's refusal to sit down for an interview, as well as other Trump administration officials' deletion of potential evidence or use of encryption apps that don't save conversations — which made Mueller's job verifying facts more difficult.

"[Trump] did not similarly agree to provide written answers to questions on obstruction topics or questions on events during the transition," the report states. "Ultimately, while we believed that we had the authority and legal justification to issue a grand jury subpoena to obtain the President's testimony, we chose not to do so."

Not only was Trump not transparent in Mueller's probe, but he is now acting like a dictator and prohibiting both current and former White House staff from complying with congressional subpoenas.

In one case, he is now claiming executive privilege over former White House counsel Don McGahn's testimony — which is patently ridiculous given that Trump already waived that privilege when he allowed McGahn to sit for an interview with Mueller in the first place.

Trump is clearly worried about the possibility of his impeachment. And it's making him more unhinged than usual.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.