After urging guns in schools, Trump OK with gun ban at NRA speech


Trump is fine with forcing people to lay down their guns when it's about his safety.

For people who insists guns make everyone safer, Trump and the NRA don't seem to have any problem that firearms are banned when Trump speaks at the radical gun group's annual convention on Friday.

The hypocrisy comes after Trump teamed up with the NRA in the wake of the Parkland, Florida, gun massacre, and announced that flooding American schools with armed teachers is the best way to keep students safe.

The doomed policy plays off the NRA myth that we're all safer the more people are armed in America.

But for some reason that's not put into practice at the NRA convention when Trump's in town.

NRA members who want to attend Trump's speech, or Mike Pence's NRA speech this week, will be forced to leave their guns outside of Houston's Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

That's because the Secret Service will be in charge of the protection, and the Secret Service, obviously, doesn't allow armed individuals to be around the president or other people it's charged with protecting.

The Secret Service, in effect, categorically rejects the NRA rhetoric that more guns equals more safety.

The hypocrisy here is rather stunning — America needs to fill its schools with guns in order to protect students, but it makes total sense nobody with a gun is allowed to be in same room as President of the United States.

The NRA this week tries to hide behind the Secret Service in order to escape claims of duplicity. But if the NRA were true to its values, wouldn't it be demanding that guns be allowed into Trump and Pence speeches? And if not, why doesn't the group withdraw its invitation?

Why is okay for the President of the United States to expect the safety of a gun-free environment when the NRA remains thoroughly committed to making sure Americans are confronted with gun-carrying citizens at grocery stores, gas stations, churches, and schools across the country?

NRA loud mouths like Dana Loesch preach to their choir that's there's a culture war on guns and the government is trying to strip them of their rights. Yet the NRA's okay with members being forced to lay down their firearms for Pence and Trump speeches.

So much for good guys with guns. (And Trump still won't honor James Shaw Jr., a good guy from a recent mass shooting.)

Trump's hypocrisy is blatant too. Why doesn't he use his Twitter platform to publicly rail against protocols that ban guns at his events? Why doesn't he categorically insists that when he address a crowd that it must be fill with firearms?

After all, if schools would allegedly be safer with lots of educators walking around with guns, that same logic should hold true for Trump events.

Also, remember that Trump has publicly bragged that if faced with a shooting, he'd be the first one to spring into action and run towards the gun fire.

But forget all that because Trump's cool with guns being banned at his NRA speech.