Trump prepares for major hurricane set to hit Florida by raging at his enemies on Twitter


Trump stayed home to keep an eye on Hurricane Dorian, but he's actually only keeping an eye on Twitter.

Trump canceled his trip to Poland, ostensibly to stay and monitor what is happening with Hurricane Dorian. However, what he's really doing is spending his time lashing out at people and companies on Twitter.

Bright and early Friday morning, Trump went after General Motors, saying it was "once the Giant of Detroit, is now one of the smallest auto manufacturers there." He then complained that GM "moved major plants to China, BEFORE I CAME INTO OFFICE" and told the automaker it should start moving back to America.

As CBNC points out, nearly everything in that tweet is false. GM is still the biggest automaker in the country as measured by sales, though it has fewer workers. Further, GM has never moved any factories out of the United States and into China. It maintains factories in China because the "rules in China dictate that to successfully sell in China, you’ve got to produce in China."

Next, Trump pivoted to posting several tweets about former FBI Director James Comey, who was cleared of supposedly sharing classified information with a reporter by the DOJ's inspector general on Thursday.

However, the inspector general's report also indicated that Comey had mishandled some memos, which gave Trump a perfect opening to complain about Comey, calling the report "disastrous." He went on to say that the report showed "how unfairly I, and tens of millions of great people who support me, were treated. Our rights and liberties were illegally stripped away by this dishonest fool." It's unclear how Trump thinks that an investigation of him stripped away the rights and liberties of millions of his supporters.

Trump also claimed that the result of the inspector general's investigation "showed how fair and reasonable Attorney General Bill Barr is." That is definitely not how Barr has behaved since taking office.

Finally, Trump quoted someone who said that "in 2016 we had a coup" and "it makes no sense" not to prosecute Comey. Given that Comey's reopening of the email investigation arguably tipped the election to Trump, it's impossible to say that Comey was engaged in some anti-Trump coup.

After he'd exhausted his rage at Comey, Trump decided to trash the growing number of companies and industries that have pointed out his trade war is costly and foolish. He called those companies "badly run and weak" and said they were "blaming these small Tariffs instead of themselves for bad management."

Trump is ignoring how widespread opposition to his tariffs are. Over 160 different industries signed a letter opposing them. GOP elected officials oppose them. Taxpayers will face a $30 billion hit thanks to the tariffs. That isn't just a few "badly run and weak" companies calling him out.

Trump did get around to tweeting about the hurricane — sort of. Late Friday morning, he retweeted a tweet from FEMA urging people to be prepared. Otherwise, he hasn't used his Twitter bully pulpit to talk about the hurricane at all.

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