15 products Trump has to stop selling under his own 'order' to not do business with China


Trump-branded products like Donald Trump eyeglasses and Trump hotel robes are made in China.

From duffel bags to ties, to plush robes in his hotels, Trump manufactures quite a list of products in China, despite a demand on Friday that American companies stop working with the country.

"Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China," Trump bellowed on Twitter Friday morning.

Yikes. That's going to be quite a dilemma for the Trump organization, Trump hotels, and Trump's daughter, Ivanka.

Here are just a few Trump-branded items manufactured in China, according to a July 2018 NBC News report.

  • Donald J. Trump eyeglasses: For only $93, these square-framed glasses come in black, brown, and for the adventurous out there, brown crystal.
  • Deluxe Trump Hotels Spa Robe: Described as a "luxurious spa robe," this robe could be yours for only $125.
  • Signature Small Duffle [sic] Bag: Listed for $100, this small bag comes complete "lined with gold Trump crest in repeating pattern," and if that wasn't enough, an additional Trump crest on the exterior.
  • Signature Shoe Bag: On sale for just $39.99, this black shoe bag has a zippered side pocket for "functionality," but don't fear that the shoe bag is just functional. On the side, the "Trump crest gives it a stylish flair."
  • Trump Golf Collector Medallion: Yes, there is a medallion. Of course, there is a Trump medallion. The $15 collectible has the Trump crest "featured in the center and is surrounded by the names of every Trump golf course worldwide."
  • DOWNLITE Year Round 230 TC EnviroLoft Down Alternative S/T Comforter: The comforter used at Trump hotels helps employ workers in China. Same with the pillows Trump campaign officials rest upon when Trump spends taxpayer dollars staying at his own properties.
  • Basically all the stuff at Trump hotels: According to a 2016 Washington Post report, the following items at Trump hotels are all made in China: shampoo, body wash, moisturizers, shower caps, laundry bags, shoe bags, pet collars, pet leashes, and bath towels.

The Trump store does have a section dedicated to products made in America, alluding to the fact that the rest of the products for sale were made elsewhere.

Shipping jobs overseas rather than investing in American workers is a multi-generational endeavor in the Trump family.

Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump and senior White House adviser, manufactures many of her clothing products in China. Former White House photographer Pete Souza tweaked a previous Trump demand that American companies manufacture in the U.S. by posting a photo of Ivanka Trump shoes clearly marked "Made in China."

Despite his desire to do so, Trump cannot keep American companies from doing business with China. But if he wants somewhere to start, he can just look to his own products.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.