Trump promotes sad, losing approval rating that proves he is a failure


Donald Trump is disliked by most Americans, but he's still promoting cherry-picked polling to make it appear he is a winner. He isn't.

Donald Trump promoted a poll of his approval rating with graphics that would be more appropriate for a president in positive territory.

But Trump has never actually been in positive territory.

Instead, he's forced to put lipstick on a pig and pretend that 45 percent is "winning."

With an all-caps "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" message showing Trump clapping for himself, the tweet is not only a sad statement on how disliked Trump is, it is also cherry-picking.

Trump tweet

The poll Trump cites is from Morning Consult/Politico. It is also an outlier among major polls.

Of the 10 most recently cited polls from Real Clear Politics, which aggregates and averages opinion polling, not a single one has him as high as the poll in his tweet. Instead, the approval ratings range from 34 percent to 43 percent. In the overall average, Trump has a 38 percent approval rating.


The highest Trump hit in approval was 45 percent a few weeks after he was sworn in. Since then, Trump has continued a steady collapse in support and has never enjoyed majority support. Even in the election, Americans chose Hillary Clinton over him by nearly 3 million votes,

His poor performance in office — embracing racism, pushing to raise taxes for the middle class while giving himself government giveaways, trying to kill health insurance for millions, and being exposed as a corrupt figure who took aid from anti-American Russian elements — is reflected in the dismal numbers.

Where Trump is "winning" is in how much Americans hate him.

His disapproval ratings have skyrocketed, jumping from 45 percent to 57.5 percent. He is at an all-time high by that measure. Somehow, that fact didn't make the cut for a tweet.

These numbers stand in contrast to his immediate predecessor, President Barack Obama. In the month before Trump took over the presidency, Obama's approval was between 53 and 57 percent.

Between then and now, and a change of presidents, Americans have given Trump a resounding thumbs-down.

The bottom line is that you are not doing well if the best rallying point you can muster for supporters is an anemic approval rating that is trending downward. Trump is trying to convince the country beyond his most diehard, loyal supporters that he is "winning."

But he's losing. Bigly.