Trump quietly purges multiple staffers over classified security breach


The chaos in the Trump White House seems to grow by the hour.

The White House was already in a state of chaotic disarray with a record number of staff departures. Now a new report says Trump quietly purged several staffers after it became clear they couldn't obtain security clearances.

ABC News reports that "several" White House staffers "have been terminated or reassigned for issues related to their security clearances." At least one of those staffers was employed in the Office of the First Lady.

The removals came about after chief of staff John Kelly announced changes to the security process in a White House memo. And they indicate additional fallout from the cover-up of abuse allegations against former Trump aide Rob Porter.

For over a year, Porter was unable to obtain full clearance because of a protective order issued against him by his ex-wife. Nonetheless, Trump and his team gave him access to classified material, which circumvented security protocol.

Other individuals who couldn't get through the traditional vetting process also received unwarranted security clearances.

These figures most notably include Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law. Ivanka Trump's access has also come under increased scrutiny after the scandal was exposed.

The issues with Kushner's clearance did not prevent Trump from tasking him with sensitive work, including negotiating for peace in the Middle East.

The security breach scandal is yet another black eye for the Trump administration. It shows that this White House cannot be trusted to police themselves. And without outside scrutiny, this series of abuses would very likely have continued to spread.

Trump can quietly remove as many staffers as he wants. But so long as he and his family retain their corrupt control of the federal government, America's security will remain at risk.