Trump puts Muslim ban author Stephen Miller 'in charge' of immigration


Stephen Miller — the anti-immigrant extremist who authored Trump's Muslim ban and pushed for other racist, anti-immigrant policies — is taking charge on immigration policy.

Trump's assault on immigration in the United States could get exponentially worse, as he has unofficially told anti-immigrant extremist Stephen Miller that he's "in charge" of the Trump administration's immigration policy, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

With Trump's blessing, Miller feels "newly empowered" to push Homeland Security and Justice Department officials to enact cruel immigration policies, the WSJ reported, some of which have been blocked by federal judges, including the family separation policy.

The WSJ reported that Miller wants to reinstate the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy, which has led to family separations and the jailing of children and infants.

The thought of Miller having a bigger say in the Trump administration's already racist and illegal immigration policies should terrify Americans.

After all, Miller has long been one of the worst voices in Trump's ear on the issue of immigration.

He helped author the draconian "travel" ban, which is just Trump's racist and discriminatory Muslim ban in a badly crafted disguise.

And he helped scuttle a deal to protect Dreamers — immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children and now face the threat of deportation — because he pushed Trump to ask for severe cuts to legal immigration, as well as to prioritize high-skilled immigrants who speak English, in return for those protections. It was a proposal that even Republicans couldn't support.

Miller is also a bizarre individual.

In the midst of the fight over Dreamers, Miller was asked whether cutting legal immigration and then prioritizing some immigrants over others kept in tradition with the poem on the Statue of Liberty, which states: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." He gave a bizarre and combative answer in which he said the poem on the statue — which symbolizes freedom and America's welcoming spirit toward immigrants — was "added later," as if that means anything.

Even Miller's own family hates him.

His uncle wrote an op-ed for Politico in August 2013 in which he calls Miller a "hypocrite" on immigration, given that Miller's family benefited from the very immigration policies Miller has sought to repeal and change.

With Miller in charge of immigration policy, the inmates truly are running the asylum in the Trump administration.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.