Trump quietly plots to take money from disabled veterans


Despite the rhetoric about supporting the troops, the Trump administration is again targeting military veterans.

Echoing their approach toward the civilian population in the House and Senate health care bills, the Trump administration is now floating the idea of cutting payments to disabled veterans.

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin declared in a forum that the current veterans disability system was "designed from 50, 60 or 70 years ago," which would "suggest it’s not sustainable."

He complained that the current system "incentivizes disability." Reporting on his comments, Military Times said, "Potential new offerings could include wellness programs, rather than simply monthly compensation payments."


Benjamin Krause of took sharp note of Shulkin's comments:

With all the talk about cutting Individual Unemployability benefits, the new VA secretary may be pushing for an even more radical step to VA disability compensation. Who knew Shulkin could take the whole system off a cliff, not just benefits for severely disabled, elderly veterans?

Donald Trump has publicly claimed he supports veterans, but away from the cameras and in the policies he has proposed and supported, he has done nothing but attack them.

Trump's proposed budget would hurt veterans who are dependent on Meals on Wheels, as well as those who need legal aid currently backed by government funds.

At the same time, Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan ignored disabled veterans who begged them to address a provision in the health care bill that would strip tax credits from 7 million veterans.

And called out Mike Pence's hollow claims that Trump is "keeping his promise" to provide health care to veterans:

America's veterans, many of whom have become disabled while serving their country, deserve a better caliber of leadership than what Donald Trump and his White House are offering them.