Trump goes on deranged rant claiming he personally ended homelessness in Washington DC


Trump falsely claimed that a homelessness problem in cities only arose two years ago — and that he cleaned it up himself.

Trump has said a lot of false, unhinged, and bizarre things over the years, but this latest comment may truly take the cake.

In a sit-down interview with racist Trump sycophant and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Trump claimed that a homelessness problem in U.S. cities began two years ago — and that he is fixing it.

The whole mind-boggling exchange began when Carlson made a comment to Trump about how cities in Japan, which just hosted the G-20 meeting of world leaders, were cleaner than U.S. cities.

Trump agreed with Carlson, and launched into a bizarre rant about how homelessness is a "phenomena that started two years ago" but that he is "looking at it very seriously" and that his administration is "doing some other things as you probably noticed" to fix it.

"You can't have what's happening — where police officers are getting sick just by walking the beat," Trump said — a claim without any basis in fact nor reality.

Trump went on to say that "certain areas of Washington, D.C.," started seeing a homeless problem when he took office, but that he "ended it very quickly."

"I said, 'You can't do that,'" Trump told Carlson, yet again, another totally fact-free claim that leaves us scratching our heads.

Trump has made a lot of false and ignorant comments over his two-plus years in office.

But this response about homelessness in cities is next level bizarre.

Of course, homelessness is a tragic problem that's been plaguing the country for many, many years.

So we cannot understand why Trump is taking credit for it starting under his watch.

Yet Trump did exactly that.

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