Trump re-ups three embarrassingly unfit nominees in a single day


Trump has resorted to scraping the bottom of barrel for his nominees — even going as far as renominating those who have already been deemed unfit — because qualified people don't want to work in such a dysfunctional administration.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump promised that he would pick "only the best people" to work in his administration. There's just one problem with that plan — the best people don't want to work in the most dysfunctional White House in modern history.

With fewer and fewer willing people to choose from, Trump has resorted to scraping the bottom of the barrel with his nominees, several of whom have been forced to withdraw their names or turned away by the Senate for being so uniquely unfit.

But desperate times call for desperate measures.

On Monday, Trump resubmitted the nominations of at least three people who were previously nominated for Senate-confirmed positions but deemed unqualified or otherwise unfit to serve.

Two of the three are judicial nominees who, after being nominated by Trump, were rated “not qualified” to be federal judges by the American Bar Association (ABA).

Charles Goodwin, Trump’s nominee for a lifetime seat on an Oklahoma District Court, was deemed unqualified to fulfill the demands of a federal judge in a December evaluation by the ABA. One month before that, the ABA rated another one of Trump's judicial nominees, Holly Teeter, as not qualified based on lack of trial court experience.

On Monday, Trump resubmitted both of their nominations to the Senate.

Also on Monday, Politico reported that Andrew Puzder — Trump's former first pick for labor secretary who withdrew his nomination last year amid revelations of domestic abuse — is once again under consideration for a Senate-confirmed position in the Trump administration.

It's not clear what position Puzder might fill, but officials in the Trump administration are trying to find a role for him. According to Politico, "The White House still doesn’t appear to view Puzder’s past as a deal-breaker."

The Trump administration is descending further into spiral of dysfunction, with more unqualified people joining the ranks just as the few qualified people left are jumping ship.

These aren't the best people. These aren't even good people. These are simply the only people with so little to lose that they're willing to put it all on the line to work for an administration that is going nowhere — and fast.