Now Trump AND his lawyer are freaking out over what Mueller has on him


Mueller is closing in, and the panic from Trump and Rudy Giuliani is palpable.

An unhinged Rudy Giuliani gave an "unprompted" interview to Yahoo News just hours after Trump's longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, was sentenced to three years in prison for a myriad of crimes, including some felonies involving Trump. The panic from Giuliani mirrors the frenetic tweeting from Trump, as both are clearly terrified of what Mueller's investigation will turn up.

Giuliani, Trump's attorney, was practically begging Mueller's team to wrap up their investigation. "If he doesn't have anything, you know, write your report, tell us what you have, and we’ll deal with it," Giuliani whined. "All he can do is write a report about him, so write the goddamned thing and get it over with now," he added.

Trump is so frazzled that he has resorted to simple, two-word tweets, such as "WITCH HUNT!" His Twitter feed is littered with diatribes spouting unfounded conspiracy theories about former FBI director James Comey, the FBI in general, and both Mueller and Mueller's team. Earlier in December, Trump unleashed a tirade of tweets against Cohen, demanding a lengthy prison sentence.

The terror is understandable, since the longer Mueller's investigation goes on, the more damning evidence mounts against both Trump and his campaign. Five high-ranking campaign officials or close confidants of Trump have already pleaded guilty to a variety of criminal charges and agreed to cooperate with Mueller's probe in some form.

Part of Cohen's recent jail sentence centered on an illegal plot, directed by Trump, to pay hush money to two of Trump's mistresses to keep them from talking to the media before the 2016 election. "Mr. Cohen's crimes implicate a far more insidious crime to our democratic institutions," the judge told the courtroom during Cohen's sentencing.

In May, Giuliani described Cohen as "an honest, honorable lawyer." In fact, when asked if he was worried Cohen was going to cooperate with prosecutors, Giuliani said, "I expect that he is going to cooperate with them. I don't think they'll be happy with it because he doesn't have any incriminating evidence about the president or himself."

After Cohen did cooperate with prosecutors, as Giuliani had hoped, Giuliani described Cohen slightly differently.

"Cohen is a completely dishonorable person," Giuliani told Yahoo.

Even though the Trump-directed crimes committed by Cohen were prosecuted by a Trump-appointed prosecutor in New York, Giuliani nonetheless raged against Mueller's team some more.

"How do they all of a sudden become campaign finance prosecutors? You need a special prosecutor for campaign finance? I mean, they started with collusion. … After two years and two investigations … they have nothing on collusion," Giuliani said. And he went on.

"Then, they started squeaking about obstruction. They've got nothing on obstruction," Giuliani said, but without providing any evidence as to what the Mueller team has or doesn't have.

In the end, Giuliani's demand for the Mueller report is a dangerous request. After all, this is the same Rudy Giuliani who was happy to see Cohen cooperate with prosecutors. Giuliani might want to be a little more careful what he wishes for.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.