Trump says unthinkable things at final presidential debate


Donald Trump has been toying with the idea of claiming a rigged election if he loses, but at the third and final presidential debate, he flatly refused to say he would recognize the results of the November 8 election. And that was just one of several disqualifying statements from the Republican candidate.

Debate moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump several times, in several different ways, and Trump treated the question the way he would a cliffhanger on his TV show:


Even Republicans found his comments disturbing:

Hillary Clinton rightly called that development "horrifying." It was an exclamation point to a debate in which Trump said things that are jaw-dropping even by his own abominable standards:

Trump ended the debate by calling Clinton a "nasty woman," a fitting example of his utter contempt for women.

Millions of Americans will be glad when this nightmarish Trump campaign is over.

(Peter Daou contributed to this article)