Trump turns his shutdown into a way to make more money for himself


Trump has found a way for his campaign, and by extension himself, to profit from the shutdown.

Because of Trump's needless government shutdown, 800,000 hard-working federal employees — from Secret Service agents to food safety inspectors — are either out of work or being forced to work for $0 paychecks. It's a record-breaking disaster that will negatively affect the lives of millions of Americans.

And now Trump is exploiting this disaster to make money for his presidential campaign — some of which will inevitably land in his own pockets.

The Trump re-election campaign is selling foam "bricks" (to "build" Trump's racist border wall) that it promises will be sent to the offices of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in exchange for campaign donations.

According to the campaign website, the money-making scheme was "a brilliant idea" from Trump himself. The campaign says it has a goal of sending 100,000 bricks to the offices of Democrats, which would translate into a $2,000,000 haul.

If Trump's 2020 campaign is anything like his 2016 campaign, it's extremely likely that Trump himself will personally profit from the ridiculous brick scheme.

An analysis of donations given to Trump's 2016 presidential campaign showed that Trump personally took home $1 out of every $10 given to the campaign.

Trump has already made it clear that he intends to use his presidential bully pulpit to inappropriately haul in even more money from his re-election campaign.

The bricks are just another gimmick to line Trump's pockets — and another doomed gambit to try to win over public opinion on the shutdown.

Trump has been losing this public relations battle handily so far. The majority of Americans didn't want Trump's wall in the first place, they don't want the government to be shut down over it, and they blame Trump and Republicans for the shutdown continuing.

Instead of doing his job and reopening the government, Trump has instead deployed his campaign for yet another money-making scheme on the backs of Americans.

The missing paychecks for federal workers are hurting not just the families and children who rely on them, but also the neighborhoods and businesses those people live and work in.

Staffing shortages are also hurting national security and endangering public health.

The Trump campaign, however, is treating the suffering as a fundraising opportunity.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.