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Trump silent after black churches burned down in act of hate

Police have charged a white man with a hate crime for allegedly burning down three black churches in Louisiana. Trump has said nothing.

By Emily Singer - April 16, 2019

Trump was all too eager to give ill-informed, verging on idiotic advice to firefighters in Paris who battled the devastating blaze at Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of the city on Monday.

But he’s been silent on the intentional burning of three black churches in Louisiana that was deemed a hate crime by local law enforcement the same day.

It’s yet another instance in which Trump ignores the victims of tragic acts that don’t benefit Trump’s political orthodoxy.

In this case, he’s silent on the fact that racism still runs rampant in the Deep South, where Trump remains a popular figure.

He’s also been silent when white supremacists wage or plot violent hate crimes.

When a Coast Guard lieutenant was caught plotting to kill Trump’s enemies, Trump said nothing.

When a white supremacist killed 49 Muslims praying at a mosque in New Zealand, Trump instead chose to sow religious division and fan the flames of Islamophobia by praising the anti-Muslim bigots who appear on Fox News.

Trump was also silent on Republican-perpetrated election fraud in North Carolina that didn’t fit into his false and racist theory that he only lost the popular vote because minority voters and immigrants voted illegally.

Trump isn’t the only one in the White House who was criticized for not speaking out about the arson at the black churches in Louisiana.

Vice President Mike Pence also received criticism on Monday, after he issued a statement on the Notre Dame Cathedral fire but hadn’t issued a peep on the churches in Louisiana. According to the New York Times, the Louisiana fires occurred on March 26, April 2 and April 4.

After Pence was called out, his spokesperson issued a statement on the arson at the black churches but did not attribute it to Pence himself.

Apparently to the Trump administration, which claims to support religious freedom, that freedom only applies to white Christians.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.

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